FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student 援助. FAFSA是学生为了确定他们的经济援助资格而填写的申请表格. FAFSA needs to be filled out each academic year. 你可以 在线提交FAFSA.



Follow the steps below to apply for financial aid:



Once a PIN has been obtained, complete and submit your FAFSA online.

如果你在ag真人网址完成你的FAFSA以获得经济援助, 您需要提供我们的 联邦学校代码:002596 in order for us to receive your application and determine your eligibility.

Complete an Application for 招生 at the College of your choice.


If you cannot file online, you can complete a paper FAFSA and mail it to the U.S. 教育部的处理器. 要获得书面申请,请访问 / sa / fafsa.


How can I get help with my financial aid application?

你可以通过参加ag真人网的FAFSA实践课程或联系财务援助来获得帮助来完成你的FAFSA, who can offer help via the Internet or telephone.



There are different filing deadlines for the Federal Government, State of New Jersey and Atlantic Cape Community College. For more information regarding deadlines, you can visit 学生资助截止日期.


在申请FAFSA后的3-5个工作日内, 您将通过电子邮件(如果您在申请中提供了电子邮件地址)或在邮件中收到一份学生资助报告(SAR),该报告汇总了您在申请中提供的所有信息. Your SAR will usually contain your Expected Family Contribution (EFC), the number used to determine your eligibility for financial aid. An estimated award may be contained in the SAR.

If you reported Additional Information for State 援助, 在提交FAFSA申请数周内,你将收到新泽西学生资格通知(SEN),通知你有资格申请学费援助助学金(TAG)。.

在收到你的FAFSA和完成 联邦验证(如适用) & 任何资格要求的解决, ag真人网址经济援助办公室将会在网络顾问网站上发布你的获奖信.



The Federal Government selects a student for verification for different reasons. 验证是一个过程,在这个过程中,ag真人网址经济援助办公室将从你那里收集一些文件 & 您的父母(受抚养的学生),并向联邦政府提交任何必要的FAFSA更改/更正.  为了保证你的日程安排, 所有验证文件必须在上述列出的截止日期下午5点之前提交到ag真人网财政援助办公室.

How will I know if I'm selected for verification?

 Within 24 hours of receipt of a FAFSA selected for Federal 验证, the Atlantic Cape Community College 金融援助 office will begin processing. 这将包括;

丢失信息请求将发送到您的ag真人网海盗电子邮件地址和一个备用电子邮件地址(如果提供). 如果你改变了家庭住址, 确保您与ag真人网登记服务完成信息变更表. 

What documents will be required to complete verification?


确定您是否需要提交任何文件来完成您的经济援助申请, please refer to the “Checklist” section of 金融援助 Self Service. 

Is there anything I can do to avoid being selected for verification?

验证可以是随机的, 然而, 你可以采取以下几个步骤来减少你被选中的机会:

  • Use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool when prompted whilst completing your application.
  • Don’t leave anything blank – if a question does not relate to you, enter ‘0’.
  • Answer every question as accurately as possible – try not to guess your answers.
  • 确保您的申请由您和您的父母(如适用)签署,并使用您的密码。.
  • If you can’t answer ‘yes’ to any of the dependency status questions, make sure you answer all parental information questions.

How do I transfer my FAFSA to/from another School?

回到您的FAFSA网上,并在相关部分下添加您要转学的学校代码. *

*不要改变学校守则的顺序, 将新代码添加到您已经列出的其他代码下面——更改顺序可能会导致您选择进行验证,并取消您的经济援助奖励.

Atlantic Cape Community College’s School Code is 002596.


The FAFSA asks for my parent’s information, but I am on my own. 我该怎么办?

 如果你超过24岁, 结婚了, 军队的老兵, 孤儿法庭上的孤儿或受监护人, or if you have dependents of your own that you support, you will not need to report your parent’s information. If you ordinarily would need to report parent information, but are unable to do so because of an unusual situation, 你应该拜访财政援助办公室,讨论你的情况,并询问你的选择. 您可能会被要求以书面形式记录您的情况,并填写我们的表格页面提供的独立状态请求表格.

The FAFSA is based on last year’s income, but I lost my job since then. 现在我没有收入了. Do I have any options for having this considered?


If you or your parents have experienced a significant decrease in income, or have paid unusually large medical expenses this year, 访问财政援助办公室,讨论你的情况,询问你的选择. 您可能会被要求以书面形式提供您的情况的详细文件,并填写我们的表格页面提供的特殊情况考虑请求表格.


How can I appeal my suspension of aid due to not meeting SAP requirements?

 Once you are suspended from financial aid due to not meeting minimum SAP requirement, 除非你能证明你不能满足要求的原因是不寻常的,否则你就不能再收到它, 不可避免的, 你无法控制. To prove this, you may file an appeal with the 金融援助的吸引力s Committee. 你的上诉不一定会得到批准.  这取决于你用你的书面申诉说服委员会你的情况确实减轻了. 委员会也会看好你所能提供的任何证据,证明你的问题已经得到控制,不会再发生. Please note that only written appeals are accepted.


I heard that if I withdraw from my classes I might need to repay my financial aid.  这是真的?

 是的. 联邦财政援助计划要求你通过上课来“赚取”你的援助. If you receive federal financial aid and withdraw from all of your classes, your aid “earned” will be prorated based on your class attendance. 规则有点复杂, 因此,如果你接受了联邦援助,需要退学,我们鼓励你访问财政援助办公室.


Can I charge books to my grant award in the College bookstore?

 是的. If your financial aid program will cover book expenses, you will be able to charge your books during the posted bookstore charging times. 我们鼓励你在买书之前确保你有最后的课程表.



补助金奖励和电子转帐贷款的支票,超过您帐户上的任何费用,将在每个学期的加帐期结束时处理, unless you are taking a class that begins later in a part-of-term.

Checks for late awards are processed as quickly as possible, usually within two weeks of the final approval of the program.


What if I can’t attend my classes or need to withdraw?

 Do not simply stop going to class without submitting an official withdrawal!  You could be required to pay back the entire amount of your financial aid! If you receive federal aid and you withdraw from all of your classes, you may be required to repay a portion of your financial aid.  我们敦促你完成你的课程,如果可能的话,以避免你未来的经济援助的并发症. 如果你不能上课, 你应该尽快通知你的教授,并找学术顾问提交退学表.


8月 -秋季学期可获得学分(必须在开学前10周完成FAFSA和必要的文件,才有资格)

  • 10月1日-开始申请FAFSA
  • 11月 -奖学金申请
  • 1月 -春季学期可获得图书学分(必须在开学前10周完成FAFSA和必要的文件,才有资格)
  • 3月 -奖学金申请截止日期
  • 4月 - Preferred FAFSA deadline date for Fall semester
  • 6月1日 - Returning student deadline date for State TAG grant